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Grape Bag

Because of different shape of bags, the grape bag can be divided into 3 shapes as follows:

The grape bag is also called L.D.P.E. shredded and perforated grape bag. It is zip lock bag with a slider. The L.D.P.E. shredded and perforated grape bag is made up of 100% virgin LDPE raw material. It is mainly used for storing fresh grape. The grape bag can be square, conical and T-shape for different use.

1. The grape bag has different shape for different usage, like square, conical, T-shape.
2. This L.D.P.E. shredded and perforated grape bag is convenient for people to handle.
3. This zip lock bag with a slider
4. Regardless of color, sizes or thickness we can design as per customer’s requirements.

The advantages:
1. The zipper style closure is convenient and safe for you to carry only with a reclosable bag.
2. A square shaped bag with a bottom gusset so your fragile grapes are not forced into a funnel shaped bag.
3. Multiple round holes have good property of ventilation, so that the goods will not go bad.

The grape bag is suitable to pack the fresh fruits, like grape, cherry or Litchi and so on.

Jiangsu Nantong Plastic Co.Ltd is a manufacturer and supplier of many kinds of grape bag in China. Apart from grape bag, we still produce other products, such as reclosable like double zipper bag, color zipper bag; slider bag, including slider down bag, slider up bag, saddle zipper bag, and LDPE saddle packing bag; biohazard specimen bag; drawstring bag. With good quality, competitive prices, prompt delivery time, our products enjoy a good reputation at home and abroad. Now, our products have met the standard of SGS Report, ISO9000. So far, we have exported to many countries, such as America, Canada, Europe, Africa, Australia, Southeast Asia and so on.

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