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The resealable medicine bag is a kind of crystal clear bags. They are made up of 100% first class LDPE raw material. The crystal clear bags have a top flap with resealable adhesive strips, which ensure them to be folded and sealed over the bags opening. The resealable medicine bag from Changrong Company can prevent the glue from coming in contact with your products, because the resealable adhesive strip is placed on the outside of the bag rather than on the flap.

1. The resealable medicine bag can be printed in 6 colors.
2. Our crystal clear bags have the features of waterproof, antiseep and non-toxic.
3. It is soft packing, and its property of sealing is very well.
4. Regardless of what size, we can meet the needs of customers.

Resealable Medicine Bag

Resealable Medicine Bag

The resealable medicine bag is used to store medicine, so our products can be used to offer to hospital or the drugstore.

The information and picture relevant to this product have been provided by the supplier for reference only.

At Jiangsu Nantong Plastic Co.Ltd, we service a multitude of LDPE bags - any profile that needs reclosable bags is a project we want to assist with. We are a custom LDPE bags supplier. And through this web site, you will learn and understand how to choose the most suitable supplier to make you the resealable medicine bag.

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