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The resealable antistatic bag is an ideal bag when it is necessary to protect the electric components from static build-up. Our resealable antistatic bag is made up of complexed LDPE, LLDPE, antistatic raw material, colorant and stabilizing agent. This kind of bags can keep products clean and moisture free.

1. Our resealable antistatic bag has the feature of excellent performance of stable anti-static, and high protection for products.
2. Regardless of dimension and types, we can customize products according to your requirements.
3. The resealable antistatic bag is made with an extra-strong bottom seal and durable side weld, so it has the excellent property of durability.

Resealable Antistatic Bag

Resealable Antistatic Bag

The resealable antistatic bag is widely used in electronic products' package, and food package.

Jiangsu Nantong Plastic Co.Ltd is a manufacturer and supplier of many kinds of resealable antistatic bag in China. Apart from minigrip reclosable poly bags, we still produce other products, such as double zipper bag, color zipper bag; slider bag, including slider down bag, slider up bag, saddle zipper bag, and LDPE saddle packing bag; biohazard specimen bag; ziploc freezer bag; grape bag; drawstring bag. With good quality, competitive prices, prompt delivery time, our products enjoy a good reputation at home and abroad. Now, our products have met the standard of SGS Report, ISO9000. So far, we have exported to many countries, such as America, Canada, Europe, Africa, Australia, Southeast Asia and so on.

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