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The LDPE saddle packing bag is one kind of resealable bags. It is made up of 100% virgin LDPE. The saddle-shaped bag makes the appearance more beautiful, so that it is more convenient to handle it. The LDPE saddle packing bags have a slider profile that enables you to slide open and shut the bag, perfect for food storage. The LDPE saddle packing bags have the big advantages of reusability. Unlike regular zip locks, LDPE saddle packing bags do not need to be pulled apart to open, so there is little chance of tearing the bags. Even be opened and closed for many times, the LDPE saddle packing bags still keep a positive seal.

1. Bag size: 10x8"
2. Bag thickness: 1.25mil
3. Bag printing: 3c1s

LDPE Saddle Packing Bag

LDPE Saddle Packing Bag

The LDPE saddle packing bag is widely used to pack cooked food in shop or supermarket, so it is non-toxic.

With advanced facilities and strong technology power, we focus on producing LDPE bags products including ziplock bags, saddle bags, slider bags, flat bags, handle bags, fruit bags, and specimen bags. Our products can be widely used in packing food, vegetable, fruits, medicine, medical apparatus, electronic parts, cosmetics, crafts and artwares, hardware buttons etc. Therefore, our products are suitable to offer to the supermarkets, stores and home.

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